Aedhan's Story

Aedhan In Spring/Summer of 2007, almost £10,000 was raised for Special Care Baby Units at Stoke Mandeville and Queen Charlotte’s Hospitals. These were the hospitals that saved the life of baby Aedhan. Read his story below.

On 3rd September 2006, at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Felicity and Stephen's baby, Aedhan Brown was born at 24 weeks, weighing just 770g - around 1lb 11oz. Although he was not breathing by himself, he had a heartbeat throughout, and was incubated after the third attempt.

The future looked very bleak for such a fragile little boy and, once stabilised; he was rushed to Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, Hammersmith, where he spent the first 5 weeks of his life in the intensive care unit. He was on a ventilator for three days, and CPAP for around 8 weeks. He had two blood transfusions and antibiotics for a bladder problem, with frequent crises that needed managing by the excellent staff.

A day before his Mummy's birthday, he was transferred back to Stoke Mandeville, and spent more time in the SCBU. However, he soon graduated to a side room, and slowly came off all the monitors, until he was just on an apnoea mattress. Then after three and a half months, his Mummy started to room-in during the day to establish feeding. A week later his Mummy roomed in day and night for about five days, because he was so little and still needed to grow.

On 10th December, Aedhan came home, which was before his due date - a big surprise! He spent Christmas and New Year with his family and became such a hungry boy that breast milk was not sufficient, and he needed formula too.

By 10th February 2007 he was approaching 7lb and had grown out of loads of clothes! He had learned to smile, chat, managed to turn himself over a few times - even sleeping through the night.

He is now a bonny, bouncing, healthy baby.

The whole family send their thanks for the fantastic care received at both hospitals.

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