Dancing Tips

It will probably take at least six weeks before your feet will listen to your brain, but just to help you there are step sheets available for all dances that we teach for just 5 pence a sheet. We have also created sheets explaining the basic steps to help you along your way. Once you have got the hang of some basic steps and dances, we are quite sure you will be hooked.

For your own safety we recommend enclosed footwear – just in case someone next to you is stomping in boots.

Tea/Coffee is included in the morning classes and can be purchased for 40p at most of our night classes.

Do feel free to bring friends/family with you to all venues.

We always say that there is no such thing as 'going wrong'. We simply call it a 'variation'! Our main aim is to have fun, so if you end up facing a different direction - laugh!
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