Love 1st

Dance Details

40 count, 2 wall, beginner/intermediate
Choreographer: Felicity Amswych
Danced to: This Love by Maroon 5

Dance Script

Walk R, L, Forward R Coaster, Walk Back L, R, Triple ½ Turn L:
Walk forward R, L
Step R forward, bring L to join step back R
Walk back L, R
Turn ½ turn over L shoulder stepping L, R, L

Stomp R, Clap, Stomp L, Clap, Weave R ¼ turn L:
Stomp R, clap, stomp L, clap
Step R to R side, cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L in front of R, step R to R side turning ¼ L (landing on L) stomp R

L & R Toe Struts with Kick Ball Changes:
L toe forward, lower heel, kick R stand on ball of R, change weight to L
R toe forward, lower heel, kick L stand on ball of L, step on to R

L & R Hip Sways, L Toe Hitch x 2:
Sway hips L, sway hips R
Point L toe to side, hitch, point L toe to side, hitch (fast - sycopated)

L Syncopated Weave, ¼ R Turn, L Stomp:
Step L to L side, cross R behind L, step L to L side, cross R in front of L
Step L to L side turning ¼ R and stepping on to R, stomp L
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