September 2010
What a fabulous afternoon and evening we had with Charlotte. A very large crowd came to enjoy the teaching and social and a delicious supper in between the sessions. Charlotte's teaches included her own night club two step - excellent!

May 2010 - Line Dancing in Eastbourne
One of our Line Dancing weekends in Eastbourne. See the photos below.
Our Linedance holidays in Eastbourne are our own event but are open to all, therefore our dancers and teachers can choose the dances we wish to do, making the holiday tailor made. The hotel is excellent, the rooms well appointed, the food brilliant and the Socials each evening are fun from beginning to end. Even at the socials we have run through's of the dances and we call the steps for each dance, which helps to keep people on the dance floor having fun.

Do give me a ring if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Best wishes,
Stephanie, Vince & Felicity

April 2010
One of our classes (Ealing Older Tenants Forum Line Dancing Group) has won the category award in the Healthy Neighbourhood Scheme.

March 2010
Our Osteoporosis scan day picked up more people at risk of developing this disease, and recommended doctor visits.
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